Four-turn Four-drive Chassis

Product number:FW-001
Features:According to actual needs, we can configure various detection methods such as visible light, infrared, ultraviolet, partial discharge, noise, vibration, etc., so that robots and equipment can smoothly "conversation" without "translation", and accurately measure the data such as main vibration, ...
Product introduction

Chassis size: 721mm * 555mm * 615mm, large space, neat structure, easy to arrange. The 4*4 driving mode has strong adaptability to terrain, good passing ability, 360 degree turning in situ, flexible and small turning space. Platform chassis is made of integral aluminium alloy casting process and driven by four servo motors. High-order motion controller inherits a variety of motion control functions. Support CAN bus and RS232 interface. The development kit provides users with complete equipment communication protocol and demo program source code, so that users can quickly get started on the chassis.

With lidar, it can realize 24-hour patrol and duty of route planning, self-obstacle, self-positioning, self-charging, regular, fixed-point and fixed-path patrol. Stereo camera, lidar, GPS, night vision camera, manipulator and other equipment can be loaded. At present, four-turn four-drive chassis has been applied to unmanned inspection, security, scientific research, exploration, logistics and other fields.

Product video
Product parameters

Basic equipments


Body Material Al alloy
Dimensions(L*W*H) 721*555*615MM
Self Weight 80KG
Motor Type 24V Servo Motor
Power Of Single Motor 100W
Motor Quantity 8 PCS
Battery Type 24V 30AH LiCoMnNiO2
Driving Type 4 Wheel Steering
Gear Ratio 1:50
Ditch Passing Ability 100 MM
Over-obstacle Capacity 80 MM
Speed 0-1.38M/S
Rated Load 50KG
Ground Clearance 105MM
Wheel Track 435MM
Wheel Base 500MM
Protection Grade IP56
Climbing Ability 20°
24V Turn to 12V
Drive Interface

Research and application
◇Research on Pattern Recognition
◇Experiment of Electronic Engineering
◇Applications for Handling and Storage
◇Research on Path Planning
◇Experiment of Mechanical Engineering
◇Applications for Investigation
◇Research on Robot Guiding System
◇Development of Embedded System
◇Applications for Robot Contest
◇Research on Sensor Technology
◇Research on Image Processing
◇Applications for Mapping
◇Research on Artificial Intelligence
◇Research on Multi-Robot Cooperation
◇Applications for Flexible Manufacturing System
Optional device
◇Remote Control Handle
◇Grayscale Sensor
◇Ultrasound Ranging Sensor
◇Laser Radar
◇Somatosensory Sensor
Innovative service
Custom process
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