Front Engine Rear Drive Chassis

Product number:FR-05
Features:The chassis can carry all kinds of sensors, radar and other equipments, and it has a high-power supply interface. These considerations of original design make it be an open control platform for supply chain partners to carry out low-cost secondary development.
Product introduction

The chassis size: 1440 mm * 830 mm * 580 mm, body spray treatment, beautiful appearance, solid surface, corrosion-resistant candles. By using four-wheel double wishbone independent suspension system and front axle Ackerman steering system, the chassis control stability can be greatly improved, and four sets of shock absorbers with adjustable stiffness are mounted. The maximum load capacity of the chassis can reach 300 KG. It adopts high energy density lithium iron phosphate power battery, dual servo motor independent drive system, servo motor steering system, chassis rapid development controller and CAN network communication system, etc. The control system and the actuator meet the requirements of the gauge level, and the corresponding speed is fast and the feedback precision is high.

The chassis reserves a variety of protocol communication interface.and a variety of voltage power supply interface, to achieve plug-and-play, to meet the common market demand for power supply and communication of lidar, camera, platform, industrial computer, to facilitate user development of driverless vehicles

Product video
Product parameters

Basic equipments


Body Material Steel Q235
Dimensions(L*W*H) 1440*830*580MM
Self Weight 135KG
Motor Type 48V Brushless DC
Power Of Single Motor 800W
Motor Quantity 2 PCS
Battery Type 48V LiFePO4 70AH
Driving Type Front Rear
Gear Ratio 1:20
Ditch Passing Ability 200 MM
Over-obstacle Capacity 250 MM
Speed 0-5M/S
Rated Load 300KG
Ground Clearance 150MM
Wheel Track 606MM
Wheel Base 850MM
Protection Grade IP56
Climbing Ability 20°
48V Turn to 24V
Drive Interface


Research and application
◇Research on Pattern Recognition
◇Experiment of Electronic Engineering
◇Applications for Handling and Storage
◇Research on Path Planning
◇Experiment of Mechanical Engineering
◇Applications for Investigation
◇Research on Robot Guiding System
◇Development of Embedded System
◇Applications for Robot Contest
◇Research on Sensor Technology
◇Research on Image Processing
◇Applications for Mapping
◇Research on Artificial Intelligence
◇Research on Multi-Robot Cooperation
◇Applications for Flexible Manufacturing System
Optional device
◇Remote Control Handle
◇Grayscale Sensor
◇Ultrasound Ranging Sensor
◇Laser Radar
◇Somatosensory Sensor
Innovative service
Custom process
Associated solution