Two-wheel Differential Universal Chassis Indoor

Product number:DGT-005
Features:According to the actual needs, we can configure visible light, infrared, ultraviolet, partial discharge, noise, vibration and other detection means, so that the robot and equipment can "talk" smoothly without "translation", and accurately measure the vibration, temperature and humidity of the main transformer and other data.
Product introduction

The two-wheeled differential universal chassis is a wheeled robot platform product with complete and mature perception, recognition and positioning navigation capabilities. The product is dedicated to providing one-stop mobile robot solutions for commercial wheeled service robots in various industries, and to concentrating on the core business for the partners of the whole robot product.
Expansion is convenient, hardware level provides standard power supply and communication interface, docking with user scenarios. Strong adaptability. Without additional auxiliary equipment, the contour navigation method is adopted, which is suitable for all kinds of unmanned and man-machine mixed scenes. It has good flexibility, cooperates with the visualization software Roboshop, quickly sets the running line and working mode of the robot, and greatly reduces the implementation cost of users. It has strong ability of jumping and avoiding obstacles, so as to ensure the security in service scenarios. With perfect background function support, rich API and perfect development documents, it is convenient for developers to redevelop. With the characteristics of high cohesion and low coupling, the robot's indoor mobility is perfectly encapsulated and used as a complete product for other robot manufacturers.

Product video
Product parameters

Basic equipments


Body Material Steel Q235
Dimensions(L*W*H) 630*630*450(MM)
Self Weight 39KG
Motor Type 48V DC Brushless
Power Of Single Motor 60W
Motor Quantity 2 PCS
Battery Type 48V LiCoMnNiO2
Driving Type Two-wheeled Differential
Battery Capacity 20AH
Ditch Passing Ability 40 MM
Over-obstacle Capacity 20 MM
Speed 0-1.3M/S
Rated Load 80KG
Ground Clearance 35MM
Wheel Track 500MM
Wheel Base 420MM
Protection Grade IP56
Climbing Ability 20°
Drive Interface CAN/232

Research and application
◇Research on Pattern Recognition
◇Experiment of Electronic Engineering
◇Applications for Handling and Storage
◇Research on Path Planning
◇Experiment of Mechanical Engineering
◇Applications for Investigation
◇Research on Robot Guiding System
◇Development of Embedded System
◇Applications for Robot Contest
◇Research on Sensor Technology
◇Research on Image Processing
◇Applications for Mapping
◇Research on Artificial Intelligence
◇Research on Multi-Robot Cooperation
◇Applications for Flexible Manufacturing System
Optional device
◇Remote Control Handle
◇Grayscale Sensor
◇Ultrasound Ranging Sensor
◇Laser Radar
◇Somatosensory Sensor
Innovative service
Custom process
Associated solution