Explosion-proof inspection robot

Product number:FB-001
Features:The robot is designed to be explosion-proof and can be used in a second-class explosion environment. Multi-sensor coordination, with infrared night vision, high-definition camera, autonomous navigation, gas detection, sound and light alarm, two-way intercom, independent wireless charging and autonomous obstacle avoidance and other functions. With high-precision positioning, good passability, high flexibility and modular design, it is widely used in oil and gas stations, petrochemical tank farms and other operating environments to meet a variety...
Product introduction

The FB-001 explosion-proof inspection robot has a size of 1160*880*1060mm and a weight of 340kg. It adopts wheeled four-wheel drive differential chassis, high-power drive, sufficient power and sufficient power to provide sufficient power for the robot, differential steering structure, zero turning radius, real-time steering, high flexibility, good passability and stable operation: Using laser radar autonomous navigation and ultrasonic radar ranging to achieve autonomous navigation, autonomous obstacle avoidance: simultaneous carrying binocular camera, high-definition image transmission, camera also equipped with a wiper, no fear of bad weather, can achieve all-weather operation, accurate detection, timely feedback The four-in-one gas detector adopts a fixed installation to detect industrial gas, carbon monoxide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other gases simultaneously on-line detection: the robot is equipped with high-decibel loudspeakers and high-sensitivity pickups, and the command center can be wireless. The audio transmission system realizes real-time intercommunication with the patrol scene and remote call to achieve understanding of the scene and warning deterrence. Lithium iron sulphate rechargeable battery; automatic power detection, automatic return charging design; remote telemetry signal, battery module, drive module, detection equipment; inspection status independent analysis and judgment, and alarm upload.

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