With the development of digital technology for gas transmission stations, the construction of “smart conveyor stations” is a major development trend. Hehesen Technology has developed an explosion-proof inspection robot for use in petrochemical enterprises and other inflammable and explosive high-risk environments to promote the intelligence of the petrochemical industry. Digital construction will reduce potential safety hazards and enhance the intrinsic safety management of hazardous enterprises.


In order to strengthen the inspection work in high-risk areas, inspection workers are generally set up to conduct regular inspections on equipment and high-risk areas. As an indispensable important link in petrochemical enterprises, the oil station station carries the role of transportation of refined oil and terminal sales. In order to ensure the safety of the transportation of refined oil, a large number of professionals are arranged daily to conduct regular inspections of the pipelines and equipment in the oil station. Due to the limited ability of the patrol workers to work, the quality of the inspections is uneven. At the same time, petrochemical enterprises themselves are high-risk industries, and inspection workers may encounter danger at any time. How to use high-tech means to achieve the goal of energy saving and efficiency improvement and to improve the intrinsic safety management level of hazardous enterprises is an urgent problem to be solved.


Robot design


1000*700*580mm,Q235 material
20℃(When the power is ≥60%)
Obstacle height
Control method
Wireless monitoring, laser radar autonomous operation
Water abilities
Protection level

Lithium iron phosphate,36V.60Ah,Endurance 4h,Wireless charging,With 485 communication

Explosion-proof grade
Exd_ⅡB T4 Gb
External parts

Wireless charging module, speaker, pickup, multi-gas sensor, sound and light alarm, PTZ camera

Multi-sensor collaboration, all-round detection
Modular design, multi-class core components are loaded
Explosion-proof, can be used in explosive environments

Wheel explosion-proof robot system description

The explosion-proof inspection robot consists of an explosion-proof four-wheel differential chassis equipped with explosion-proof external charging module, speaker, pickup, multi-gas sensor, sound and light alarm, PTZ camera, laser radar and ultrasonic ranging. The final design is as follows:

The body of the explosion-proof wheel inspection robot is the data acquisition end, and the patrol equipment is determined on the spot and the optimal path is planned, so that the robot can perform the inspection operation according to the inspection requirements. The patrol robot body carries an automatic rotating pan/tilt for collecting patrol equipment and environmental image information. It also adopts a smart dual-vision pan/tilt head equipped with a high-definition camera and a thermal imager to efficiently inspect the field devices. The lens is equipped with a wiper to clean the water stains and floating soil on the lens protection glass, so that the monitoring picture is kept clear. status. Data transmission can be realized by connecting optical base stations through optical fibers.

1, Internet function

It has network communication function, can access the Internet, and transmits data to the background monitoring command center for data analysis and decision making.

2, remote upgrade and diagnostic functions

Remote upgrade and fault analysis of robots through Internet functions.

3, heat source detection function

The detection of heat sources is realized by infrared thermal imaging. The thermal infrared imaging technology provides an advanced all-weather forward-looking system. The two bands of thermal infrared rays of 3~5 microns and 8~14 microns can be used in a completely dull night or in Under the fog and cloud climate, all the scenes in front are clearly observed.

4, Environmental detection function

It is equipped with a multi-gas sensor to detect and analyze various gases such as smoke, dangerous gases and combustible gases.

5, two-way intercom function

External pickups and amplifiers not only collect live sound in real time, but also perform audio analysis, and can also perform two-way intercom, which enables remote command by staff.

6, autonomous obstacle avoidance function

Lidar plus ultrasonic ranging, automatic identification of obstacle distance, high sensitivity, long detection distance, avoiding operational errors, easy to operate.

7, automatic charging

The inspection robot has an automatic charging function, and the robot body detects that the battery is low, automatically finds a charging pile, and performs charging.