YUHESEN - Supports applications in the intelligent robotics industry of all sizes through the combination of modular intelligent robots and industry ai artificial intelligence solutions. "Looking to the future, meeting expectations"
YUHESEN - With the modular intelligent mobile robot chassis as the core, a comprehensive artificial intelligence mobile robot chassis platform system covering indoor and outdoors has been established. Realize multi-industry multi-scene modular robot applications, product applications covering aerospace, military, logistics, energy and other applications.
Shaping the Future of Artificial Intelligence Mobile Robots - "Looking to the Future"
Over the next decade, more and more humans and robots will collaborate around the world. Intelligent robot has become the mainstream trend of our times, more and more fields have appeared intelligent robots at the same time also brought about the challenges related to intelligent robot applications. The generality of technology is not enough, the demand for robots in industry scenes is not great, and the high cost of mobile robots is high technology and business challenges. YUHESEN, with its expertise in robot applications, has continuously upgraded multi-scene robot application development technology over the past 6 years, realizing the modularization and platforming of mobile robot applications. Combined with modular intelligent robot solutions, it responds to the development of the global artificial intelligence situation. Providing smart mobile robots that can be easily used by industries around the world is not only to improve the experience of professionals using intelligent robots, but also to enable people who are new to artificial intelligence technology to benefit from easy implementation and convenient operation of intelligent robot solutions, so that everyone can easily use mobile robots.
YUHESEN's vision for the next 10 years is to fully popularize intelligent mobile robot applications in smart cities, improving convenience and optimizing cost structures while continuously improving product strength and reliability. Lower the entry threshold, so that enterprises and individual customers can efficiently apply intelligent mobile robots to generate value, the use of mobile robots as simple and convenient as mobile phone use. For YUHESEN, the purpose of building the world's best human-computer interactive intelligent hardware will always run through the creation of intelligent robot research and development system, easy-to-use interactive ecosystem, with simple functional settings, modular configuration, convenient operation, efficient software and hardware combination applied to every scene. Create exceptional value for our customers by perfecting a modular operating system for the future with minimal user interaction.
Close Partnerships simultaneously - "Meeting Expectations"
As the global environment becomes more intelligent and complex, it becomes increasingly difficult for businesses to solve problems on their own. As a result, YUHESEN continues to strengthen and enrich its partner network. Share industrial development opportunities with partners. With the expertise of our partners and YUHESEN, yuHESEN will work with partners to shape the intelligent future of the industry in the global trend of intelligence. YUHESEN works with partners to create a future-proof ecosystem. Whether it's intelligent logistics, intelligent military, digital energy, or intelligent risk management, YUHESEN supports multi-scenario expansion innovations and new concepts with deep build-up and innovation capabilities to provide partners with professional intelligent robot solutions and services. Provide technical support to customers in new technologies to reduce costs and increase the benefits they enjoy. Meeting customer expectations is YUHESEN's top concern, and we hope that more businesses will become YUHESEN partners in the future to create greater value for our customers.

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Leading the Evolution of Global Mobile Robot Technology

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