Yuhesen Technology successfully released the universal UGV chassis! The robot chassis is becoming more and more large...

Release time:2019-08-07

On July 24th, Yuhesen official website released a new universal UGV chassis---FR-09, which is the first universal robot chassis launched by YuHeSen. The chassis has a large change in the appearance of the vehicle body, and has both aesthetics and practicality. At present, it has entered the stage of mass trial production, further promoting the generalization and scale of the robot mobile chassis.

In terms of structure, it adopts the same Ackermann steering design as the car, and has obvious advantages in terms of load, speed and tire loss compared to the chassis of other structures. At the same time, it adopts non-independent suspension structure, four wheels are equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers, and multi-sensor cooperative feedback. Smooth running also ensures walking accuracy.

In the exterior, the whole vehicle adopts a streamlined design, and the special design of the wing and the tail makes the shape feel; the design of the headlights and taillights enables it to run at night; the car-level anti-collision pipe is added before and after the body. After many collision tests, the user can use it with confidence, without worrying about the operation error and damaging the body.

At the same time, FR-09 uses standardized word protocols and interfaces, allowing users to quickly perform secondary development. The top of the car body provides a full range of bracket modules; the main control provides a standard CAN bus as a communication interface, which can quickly access pipeline systems, laser radar, differential GPS and other modules, and supports Baidu Apollo, ROS and other automatic driving systems. Users no longer need to spend a lot of time and money on the chassis, can focus on the development of application software.

Therefore, FR-09 is especially suitable as a SLAM teaching robot in colleges and universities. But in addition, it also has a versatile scene application capability. It is equipped with a vision module and a navigation module. It is a multi-scene patrol robot that can be used for power inspection, park patrol, etc., and is equipped with a logistics module. Unmanned logistics vehicles can meet the application needs of various scenarios.

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